All About V2 Electronic Cigarette

As everyone is aware that the electronic cigarettes are the devices that heat the liquids having nicotine in it and the liquid is converted into the vapors. The vapors are then inhaled by the user and has the addictive effect on the user. The smokers are enjoying this new mode of smoking as there is no hassle of the smoke, combustion, burning and odor of the conventional cigarettes. The v2 electronic cigarettes are considered the best in the market as they are known for their stellar performance and has been deemed as the finest bran out of all the available options. It has received the best reviews from the experts, as the company is completely client oriented.

The Starter Kits

The v2 electronic cigarette comes with all the components you need to start with this type of smoking. The users have the choice of automatic or the manual battery version of this brand and they have the option of pairing it with their favorite flavor of their choice. The Whole of the starter kit consists of the following components:

- Automatic as well as the Manual battery

- Ten cartridges having different flavors- These are e-liquid cartridges.

- USB charger and an adaptor.

Selecting the best brand is easy now and switching to this brans is a hassle free task as many reviews can be read on the Internet, forums and blogs. The users can go with the economical kit to save some dollars or they move up to the Ultimate Starter kit to stock up all the supplies. The choice is completely of the user and depends on his liking and variety.

Battery and Atomizer

The Whole process of heating up is that he battery powers the atomizer which in turns heats the liquid in the e-cartridge and produces the flavored vapors. The batteries come in the two options and are automatic and the manual. Automatic e-cigs batteries are operational whenever the user takes a puff and the manual batteries need to be operated by the side button whenever the user take each puff. The battery is situated inside the body of the e-cigarette and is completely free of any damage.

Flavored Cartridges

These cigarettes are user friendly. The battery is in the body of the cig whereas the atomizer is in the flavor cartridge and it sums up to the two piece design. There are different assortments in the cartridges and mainly can be divided into 4 categories with 10 different varieties.

1.8% Nicotine
1.2 % Nicotine
0.6 % Nicotine
0% Nicotine

The user can take the adjusted nicotine level or he may go simply with the one strength. All the pieces are easy to use and readily available. The flavors are available in the three tastes called Sahara, Congress and Red.

The Red flavor is basically the Marlboro and the essence is mainly the domestic tobacco mixtures. It has the strong aroma.

The Shara flavor is basically the infusion of the spicy flavors. These flavors trace their origin from the Middle East and are perfect for the Camel Smokers.

The Congress flavor is basically the Amercian tobacco and is best for the Parliament smokers.

Flavors are menthol, mint, peppermint , coffee, chocolate and many more.